Website Analysis

Get your $199 Website Analysis!

Got a niggling feeling that your website isn't really performing for you?

Do you have a web developer that makes out that bamboozles you with tech-speak but doesn't seem to know what they're doing?

Would you like an honest opinion of where your website is doing well and where it could better from people who know what they are talking about?

The harsh reality is that there are stacks of websites out there which do not perform, which do not have the capability for you to quickly and easily make updates yourself (i.e. self-manage via a content management system) which cannot be easily optimised or indexed by Google, OR which were put together by someone who knows how to make things look pretty, but who has no idea how to make your website work for you as a lead generator and conversion machine.

But don't worry - help is here!

Simply fill in the form to the right and we'll perform a website analysis for you and give it to you straight!

In this website analysis we'll use professional software to run a top to bottom analysis on where your website is performing and identify any areas of concern.

By completing the form for the website analysis, you'll receive within 7-10 days:

This report will include:

- Review of your existing website
- Technical analysis of your website through access to your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts (where available)
- Recommendations given from a design, technical, social and SEO point of view.
- 30 minute de-brief phone chat to clarify any points you may be unsure of & the opportunity to ask questions a report

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