Webinar services

In the past 12 months, webinars have become something of a business ‘buzz word’. How many invites to them have you received in your inbox lately? In case you’re not sure exactly what they are, a webinar is essentially a seminar conducted online – take ‘web’ + ‘seminar’ and you’ve got webinar!

To participate in one, all you need is a PC with an internet connection (preferably not dial up), and either a headset with mic or an inbuilt mic and speaker facilities. To run one, all you will need is the same list, plus suitable webinar software.

Having developed and delivered webinars both for ourselves and on behalf of a range of clients in the past 18 months including the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation and Broadband Today, we regularly assist people with the development and delivery of webinars. Our services in this area include:

  • Month to month access to dedicated webinar software - don't pay high monthly fees for your own account. Just pay us for 'as you need it' access!
  • Correct set up of a one-off or recurring webinar session and associated autoresponders - just give us the time, date and key details and we'll do all the rest for you, providing you with messages to approve so you can get on and prepare your content and promote your event
  • Dedicated 'tech assistance' live online during your session so you can concentrate on providing a quality presentation rather than dealing with technical issues which may arise

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