The Creative Collective is a pioneer in the field of Webinar's and online conferences. We have extensive experience in setting up and running successful webinars, Having run well over 50 webinar's both for our company and clients such as Queensland government, Big issue and law firms.

What is Live streaming

Web seminare, Internet conference or webinar for short can best be described as a online radio show. Most webinars are presented to an audience with one or more hosts and have the ability for more interactivity than ordinary radio shows. Webinars are able to display videos, screen shares of a presenters screen, play music, display documents, collaborate conversation between participants and presenters and much much more.


Webinars allow you to engadge with a audience like never before

    For you

  • Full-service registration
  • Customised branding
  • Automated reminder emails
  • Full desktop sharing
  • Full desktop sharing
  • Drawing tools
  • Record your webinar
  • Polls
  • Reports

    For your participants

  • Self-service registration
  • Automated reminder emails
  • Audio via phone or computer mic and speakers
  • Mac and PC support

We use programs that are easy for anyone to use

The Creative collective understand not everyone has used or even heard of a Webinar before. We understand the difficulty people have learning new technology.That is why we have spent countless hours testing different webinar systems to find the easiest, quickest and most accessible program that anyone can use.

Conducting well over 50 webinar to a variety of age groups, organisations and different technology minded people we found a Webinar system that we use and will continue to use.Goto Webinar is a easy to use system that is user orientated and great for beginners just starting out in webinars.

What we offer

  • Fast and Reliable Service
  • Professional staff
  • Fast 4G mobile internet
  • Training and support

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