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Are you in the travel or tourism industry? We can help you with your website and marketing requirements!

The Creative Collective is regularly called on by people and company's in the tourism and travel industry for branding, web design, SEO, social media and online marketing. We have specialist team members who understand the unique needs of the travel and tourism industry – in fact many of our team are avid travellers! Some work from around the world and some travelled non stop for 7 years before finally settling down to work for our company!  

We have worked with tourism and travel company's in many locations around the world, working with them to establish new brands, right through to doing minor brand refreshes to complete overhauls. We have worked with travel and tourism company's who operate in specific aspects of travel or tourism, and those with a specific audience.

Below is just a small selection of travel and tourism projects we have worked with to date as well as a case study and some links to work we have completed for the travel and tourism industry.

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Our Travel & Tourism Industry Portfolio
We have been privileged to work and grow with a number of Travel & Tourism businesses from around the world; from small operations to national and international brands and heralding from all industries.

Travel & Tourism Industry Case Study

Whitsunday Escape is the largest bareboat sailing charter provider in the Whitsundays. We were delighted to work with this company to completely overhaul their website and showcase the stunning natural landscapes of the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, as well as their extensive fleet of boats.


Whitsunday Escape operates in a highly competitive marketplace which is subject to impacts from currency fluctuations and poor weather in the region. They therefore needed to create a stunning website which showcases their fleet as well as the picturesque environment they operate within to ensure that they have a high conversion rate of those who do visit their website and that the website sells the ‘experience’ of Whitsunday Bareboating. The website replaced the previous website at the same URL.

As this was a sizeable project, we drew on multiple designers and developers within our team to tackle different aspects of the project to access different areas of expertise and achieve the look and functionality desired by the client. One of the most challenging aspects of the build was the interactive map which allows users to click on any of the Whitsunday Islands featured on the map and find out more detailed information about each region including pictures, nautical information and tips while visiting.

• Presents clear and simple information page navigation. Clever organisation of site pages within the navigation structure, with many pages acting as a ‘landing page’ for 3rd tier pages. Navigation also features a ‘sticky’ nav so that the menu stays with visitors as they browse.
• The addition of print/save icons on desktop version – some of their target market like to print web pages to consider the proposition so this was a required feature
• Custom designed template for ‘Itineraries’ so that the client can continue to design recommended itineraries and ensure that the design is consistent without having to have coding knowledge.
• Large site – the site is over 1200 pages and features 1000s of images to showcase the product and region
• The ability for the client to self-manage the site once live
• Interactive Map - The Creative Collective developed this unique interactive map to showcase regions on the map. It comprised designing a relevant animation affect (we opted for dotted lines representing exploration of the area), designing custom javascript and light-box plugins that work seamlessly within the Wordpress themed environment and finally, integrating a custom template to allow for ease of use by the administrators of the content. The template ensures consistency of content design across regions.
  • Fully responsive - displays well on all desktops and mobile devices
  • Parallax Effects - scroll down on most pages to experience this cutting edge web design technique which gives the site movement, without making you sea sick!
  • Extensive Catalogue - of their fleet with a photo gallery associated with each vessel
  • Responsive Table Design - to showcase fleet specs
  • Online Forms - including ability to submit online enquiries

This website was a finalist in the Queensland Multimedia Awards in 2014.

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Travel & Tourism Marketing

When it comes to marketing travel and tourism company's, you've come to the right place. The travel and tourism industry has become fiercely competitive, forcing tourism company's to get savvy, digitise and take marketing head on in order to appeal to digital savvy consumers.

A strong online presence is key, as are the use of review sites and social media.   

At The Creative Collective, we understand travel and tourism businesses and how to get them out there. 

We've worked with the tourism industry extensively and have the industry knowledge, experience and marketing nous to help you stand out and get more customers!          

Significantly improve your marketing. 

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