Onela has designed for a wide range of sectors in different parts of the world always striving to demonstrate passion and enthusiasm in her work. Successful as an independent designer and artist. She has experience designing for sustainability, construction and energy industries; art institutions, theatre companies and other small business ventures.

She has produced large documents for major construction companies such as Skanska and Morgan Sindall, and designed posters and marketing material for theatre companies where she drew on her photography skills to capture imagery for manipulation in photoshop.

During a nine year period in Bristol, UK; apart from developing her career as an artist, she worked extensively on promotional materials to raise profile for annual exhibitions and pop up shops. She developed, built and regularly updated the Jamaica Street Artists website and co managed a team to organise a major sponsored event hosted at the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) and the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. The project involved development of advertising and marketing, enlisting sponsors, putting together presentations and coordinating the event.

She also has a BA in Graphic Design from Charles Sturt University.

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