SEO Specialist
Lots of experts can help you with an SEO strategy and lots handle SEO execution. Oliver joins the dots between the two. He helps a diverse portfolio of brands to increase the size of their digital footprint and win digital market dominance.

Since his beginnings in digital media from 2001, Oliver has built an exceptional breadth of data-driven knowledge across all territories within the digital marketing sphere. For Oliver, the ever-changing landscape of the web is a passion, and with an enviable record in helping companies to bridge the mile-wide chasm of being recognised and ranked in flagship positions on Google.

Oliver firmly believes that creating an online presence should be a transparent process. This is why he always takes the time with his clients to consult and educate in plain speak on every aspect of their website and digital marketing campaign. Despite the prolific data surge that is the web, Oliver always strives to make digital marketing personal – ‘for someone’ rather than the ‘nondescript everyone’. His methodology is a synthesis of world-class strategy and the latest enterprise-level technologies, always built from a foundation of reflecting his clients’ needs.

Outside of work, Oliver loves to read, is a keen golfer and enjoys staying fit at bootcamps.

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