Social Responsibility

Each year we choose one or two pro bono projects to work with extensively who have a cause we feel passionate about supporting. We encourage you to support them too, and also to take corporate social responsibility seriously and do what you can in business to support others.

If everyone does a little, it really can help a lot

2016 - Lives Unlived Project

Sands Australia is a charity supporting anyone with experience of miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death.

The charity suffers badly from lack of profile, hampering its ability to support those who experience bereavement in this way and needs to achieve a major uplift in public awareness - with zero budget.

We are working pro bono with Sands, Town Square (an agency out of Melbourne) and Red Republic as a network of partners supporting Sands in the Lives Unlived Project.

Several ideas have been developed. One has now received approval from the Sands Australia National Council. We can't disclose too much more about this project other than it is going to be epic!

You can check out the website we made for the project and read more about it here.


2014 Nominated Not for Profit - GroupX

Group X aims to educate and connect industry and young people with a view to boosting the number of students interested in undertaking a career in ICT.

Since the establishment of Group X in 2008, ICT tertiary student numbers in Queensland have increased significantly (some 80 per cent) despite a continued downturn in the number of ICT tertiary students elsewhere in Australia.

Group X also supports a range of ICT initiatives for young people in Queensland, including ICT focused camps, careers markets and challenges such as RoboCup Junior.

Following the success of this program in Queensland, the Australian Government is investing $6.5 million over four years in a new initiative called Digital Careers, which will be based on the Group X program, but at the national level. See more here.

2013 Nominated Charity - Street Swags

Did you know over 100,000 people in Australia are homeless? Street Swags manufacture a durable and comfortable swag to provide practical support to alleviate the hardships of homeless people. The Street Swags that are distributed across Australia are manufactured at both Woodford Correctional Centre in Queensland and Grafton Correctional Centre in New South Wales. This gives the prisoners work readiness skills along with tertiary qualifications, whilst being involved in meaningful work.


Past organisations we have supported:

  1. Red Cross Australia - When the earthquake hit Christchurch in February 2011, our hearts stopped. We knew we had to do something. We arranged a charity lunch to be held on the Sunshine Coast and associated press, and managed to raise $13,997AUD which translated into approximately $17,000NZD to support the NZ Red Cross efforts in the field there. We continue to support them annually. Watch this haunting video of the devastation in Christchurch prepared for that lunch by one of our staff, Jag Quimby.
  2. Lynedoch EcoVillage Development, South Africa - Lynedoch EcoVillage Development is in Stellenbosch, a University town 30 minutes drive inland from Cape Town in South Africa. A friend of the Creative Collective's director ran a Youth Group here every week day after school with anything between 15 and 30 (or more) kids turn up for a couple of hours each day. They only had one computer to share, and not a good one at that, so we supported an initiative to buy more computers for the Youth Group and the kids who use it so they could enjoy learning and develop key skills via the games on the computer.
  3. Maggie's DreamCatcher - Maggie's Dreamcatcher is a charity set up to build and fund a hospital in Dharamsala, Northern India. We supported the organisation by offering completing work for free on behalf of the organisation in various capacities. Please help them achieve their goal by donating money here towards this great cause or by buying Who is George? a colourful children's book written by Cheryl Ryan for the purpose of raising funds towards the charity. You can read more about the book and the charity on this website.
  4. Sunshine Coast Community Hospice - The Sunshine Coast Community Hospice offers palliative care for individuals both adults and children and their loved ones as they learn to live with a life threatening illness. We supported the organisation by offering free PR and media consultancy services and provided assistance with the launch event held at Lake Kawana Community Centre on Friday May 23rd 2007 which featured 600 guests including Allan Pease (MC), Ashley Robinson (auctioneer), Katie Richardson (Miss World Australia) and many other esteemeed guests from the community. Please help them achieve their goal by donating money here towards this great cause or becoming a Friend of the Hospice (FOH). You can read more about the charity on this website.
  5. University of the Sunshine Coast Bursary Scholarship - For a 3 year period from 2010 - 2012 we offered an end of term cash bursary to a student who excelled in the Global eBusiness course. It was our pleasure to support the up and coming future business people!
  6. The Beacon Foundation - The Beacon Foundation is a national not-for-profit organisation that seeks to influence the attitudes and culture of Australians so that each young person develops an independent will to achieve personal success for themselves and their community. We worked with the Queensland Beacon Foundation office and featured at careers days at local high schools for ‘at risk’ students, promoting the Foundation’s efforts to our clients and other key contacts.
  7. Connect4Expo - The Sunshine Coast features a wide range of youth services. From support services to sports groups, education and training providers, business and industry, community groups and of course, parents and families. However in the busy world we live in, it is often difficult to know what services are out there when you most need them. As part of Social Inclusion Week we worked with a range of local organisations to put on a fun multi-faceted event aimed at parents, students and those who target or deal with young people on the Sunshine Coast.

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