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The Creative Collective's have designed, laid out and printed a wide range of publications over the years, from basic DL flyers to covers of best-selling books and regional directories.

Our designs include everything from the very basic designs as prescribed by the client, while others have allowed us with more creative licence. 

Below is just a small selection of publications we have prepared for clients in the past. 

You'll note that we have prepared just covers, right through to type setting entire publications for a wide variety of clients - some of them even famous!

Being so visual, we've decided to showcase our publication work via a board over on our Pinterest account. Feel free to click on any of the images below to hop on over to our Pinterest account for our full publication portfolio, although please note that we are often so busy creating publications and other graphic design, we don't always have time to stop and upload our latest and greatest work.

To find out more about our graphic design services click here.

If you like our style, contact us now to obtain a no obligation estimate on your proposed project.

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