Membership Sites

Let us help you create your very own membership website!

Do you need a website with the ability to transact a one off or recurring monthly or annual membership? How about an inbuilt forum which will allow your members to connect and communicate with one another privately? What about the ability for them to access events or online learning?

Don't worry - we've got you covered with our Membership Websites!

What Is a Membership Website?

Our preferred system to develop a membership website on is Wordpress. Our preferred plug in to install the membership component of the website is Buddy Press. BuddyPress helps site builders and WordPress developers add community features to their websites, with user profile fields, activity streams, messaging and more. BuddyPress is easy to use, and extensibility. It is built by contributors to WordPress.

Enable registered members to create profiles, have private conversations, make connections, create & interact in groups, and much more. Truly a social network in a box, BuddyPress helps you more easily build a home for your company, school, sports team, or other niche community. 

What sorts of features and functions can a membership website have?

BuddyPress has an ever-increasing array of extended features developed by an active and thriving plugin development community, with hundreds of free-and-open BuddyPress-compatible plugins available. Some features and functions past clients have engaged us for include:
    - Installation of Buddy Press
    - Installation of the Buddy Press Directory plug in 
    - Installation of WooCommerce or other ecommerce transaction portal so you can charge a membership fee monthly or annually
    - Integrate Stripe or Paypal to accept funds
    - Install vouchers function
    - Link ecommerce to creating a user profile on BuddyPress so people can log on and use Forum & Directory.
    - Style up the following Buddy Press pages in line with theme
    - Initial site beta testing to ensure key functions are working as they should and making adjustments accordingly if there is time
    - Invite select members to create profiles, post and populate the site and gain valuable feedback – identify any further issues and resolve.
    - handover and training in the use of the website, including the members section so you can self-manage the site on handover

What else do I need to consider?

Before engaging us for our Membership Website package, the following requirements need to met:

  • You will need to either have an existing Wordpress website, or we will need to scope the establishment of a Wordpress website before we implement the membership components
  • You should have gathered any content or images you want to upload to the site
  • You should consider the forums & topics you would like your members to be able to access
If you have no idea what some of this stuff means, don't worry! We'll walk you through it all on engagement, and are even happy to liaise with your current web people or domain or hosting providers to sort it out so you don't get caught in the middle trying to decipher tech speak!

Our Process

Initial Briefing Session

Prior to the website development, we will take the time to get to know you, your business objectives, target market, competitive landscape and desired outcomes for the refresh of your website. This session will allow us to hit the ground running and will provide you with a checklist of everything you will need to have organised and ready so that everything can run as efficiently and effectively as possible on the day/s of the build. We extract a brief of what you want your website to look like and do, what pages it will have, together we explore what themes (look and feel) may be suitable and what you want to rank for on the search engines. We will provide a debrief post this session for you to approve, which will be the basis from which we will work on the day of development.

Day of the Membership Website Development

On the days of the membership website development we will revisit the brief and introduce you to the web developer  you will be working with and your creative strategist for the day. We will typically begin development days at 09:00am sharp and work until midday. At this point we take a one hour lunch break and return at 13:00 and continue working until the website is completed and ready to be delegated between hosts at around 17:00. If the website is completed prior to the end of the session, we will provide you with comprehensive WordPress training.

We are at your disposal for the duration of the development days so if a desired outcome is achieved prior to the 5:00pm deadline, we are happy to do whatever we can towards your business inside this time frame. We recognise that sometimes you can have a change of mind and some tweaks may be required post the website development date. We’re happy to accommodate most requests, however please note that any hours post the development day will be at an additional charge of $120 + GST. We will quote you before starting work

My Membership Website is Complete! Now what?

Once your new membership website is complete, we can provide you with a number of opportunities to help you get your website out there and grow your business. These include:

What We Bring to a Membership Website Project

  • Experience - we have made several membership sites - see samples below
  • Modern design flair
  • Creative intelligence - we think about the user journey and how you will get results from your website
  • Professional & Fun team to work with
  • Technical ability - we know what the search engines want and will keep this in mind at all times

Check out our work!

The Creative Collective's has created membership websites for clients across a wide range of industries. See some of them below. 

If you like our style, enquire online now to discuss your project further.

Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine

We are excited to have worked on the website for Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine, which is a group for entrepreneurial minded and business savvy women who love their wine! Features for the site include:

- The ability to become a member and connect with other Like Minded Bitches (female entrepreneurs) around the world - there are already 825 members signed up on the website within just 2 days of it launching!
- Find out about events happening in your city - currently over 10 cities around the world are available
- Be able to actually find and follow conversations
- List and review a directory of all the fabulous bitches
- The ability to message bitches directly
- Channels for following each others social media, calling out for support or even all our random questions.

Even better we provide discounts to people who are members of LMBDW for our services. So sign up now!

Allied Health Support

Allied Health Support Services was originally her husband’s idea but was brought to life by Sarena Jones  an Occupational Therapist on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. After returning to practice after three years of maternity leave, she didn’t feel confident, skilled, supported or happy! She didn’t have the resources or the time to travel to expensive courses, but desperately wanted to get up to date with the latest evidence, brush up on her clinical skills and feel confident again. She soon realised I wasn’t alone…
The vision for alliedhealthsupport.com is to provide accessible quality professional development, support, networking and opportunities, so allied health professionals everywhere can feel connected while maintaining their registration and skills.
Allied Health Support Services have a special interest in practitioners that may be experiencing difficulties due to being on leave, returning from leave, geographical or clinical isolation, needing clinical or professional support and of course, being seriously time poor! If you are an allied health professional looking to contribute in some way, seeking casual employment, or have specific needs or requirements, get in touch via the website!

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