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Are you a medical professional or in the medical industry? We can help you with your marketing!

The Creative Collective is regularly called on by healthcare and medical providers, and specialises in branding, web design, SEO, social media and online marketing for the medical industry. We have specialist team members who understand the unique needs of the medical industry – as evidenced by our growing client list of medical industry clients 

We have worked with medical industry clients in several locations around Australia including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide and more working with them to establish brand new medical brands, right through to doing minor brand refreshes to complete overhauls. We have worked with general medical centres who service a small local catchment and those in a specialist medical field seeking to connect with people requiring the service they offer.

Below is just a small selection of medical industry projects we have worked with to date as well as a case study and some links to work we have completed for the medical industry.

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Our Medical Industry Portfolio
We have been privileged to work and grow with a number of medical related businesses around Australia. 

Medical Industry
Case Study

Australian After Hours Doctors had been operating in Brisbane but who wanted to rebrand to be national, and required a well thought out marketing plan to meet their ambitious expansion plan.

Activities performed included:

Carry out market research and identify the markets, their behaviour, their values and how to best market to them 
Strategise the rebrand - one single logo which could represent the business and appeal to both markets 
Launch social media and train staff on how to use it effectively 
Launch new website at http://ausafterhours.com.au/
Provide ongoing marketing support
The project was carried out over a six month period with extensive consultation with the team at Australian After Hour Doctors over that time. Each component was executed in a phased approach, behind the scenes. The result? Australian After Hour Doctors hit the market with a well thought out and well executed marketing plan.

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Medical Industry Marketing

When it comes to marketing medical companies, you've come to the right place. Today, it's not just about going to your local doctor. The medical industry has become fiercely competitive, and its customers are busy and expect a lot forcing medical practices to get savvy, digitize and take marketing head on in order to appeal to digital savvy consumers.

At The Creative Collective, we understand the medical industry and the regulatory limitations of advertising them. We also understand what makes consumers tick. 

We've worked with the medical industry extensively and have the industry knowledge, experience and marketing nous to help you stand out from your medical industry peers. 

Significantly improve your marketing. Become the envy of your peers.
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