Our sister company The Training Collective win a national award for up-skilling the nation!

The Training Collective, spin off company of multi-award winning company The Creative Collective, were honoured last night at the prestigious national 2014 ANZIAs (Australia New Zealand Internet Awards) held in Melbourne, taking out the hotly contested and penultimate award of the evening, the Access & Digital Skills category, in recognition of their work developing and delivering the 12 week online Get Up To Speed program.

Category finalists included the Australian Communications and Media Authority Cyber Safety program, iiNet and the Deaf Society of NSW making the win a real victory for the Sunshine Coast training organisation who have continued to offer the program without any Government funding or other sponsorships for the past 18 months from their Sunshine Coast base.

The Get Up To Speed program has now helped over 650 people across Australia and New Zealand gain essential digital skills and awareness, with outcomes wide and varied.

“We’ve helped businesses to learn how to appear on the front page of Google and receive a higher level of traffic, enquiry and sales; businesses which were flailing to learn about how to effectively market online who have been able to flourish again with new skills and knowledge; people to find employment when previously they had not been employable; people to make career changes from something they were not passionate about to something they love and just generally gain the essential digital skills they needed to survive in the digital age,” says founder and CEO of The Training Collective, Yvette Adams.

“It’s such rewarding work because we know we are making a real difference to so many people’s lives. We’ve had 17 year olds do the program and 70 year olds do the program. We’ve worked with people in major metropolitan cities from big corporations through to start ups and people in very rural and remote communities. 

We’ve helped very non technical people, and very tech savvy do the program, and all get something out of it which makes it a very unique program indeed. But even more powerful is that each of the people who do the program in turn help many others in their region – their schools, committees, friends, family, colleagues etc. with their new found knowledge and skills.

Adams says whilst individuals in her organisations and the company have been recognised in the past (she is also the founder of The Creative Collective and awardshub.com), this is actually the first award that her team have been recognised for their work.

“We’re hoping that this win will give the program the boost it needs to continue to be offered into the future and that we may even be able to secure new funding sources to keep the program at an accessible price point for the many thousands of Australians and New Zealanders who are struggling to keep up with the digital age, and who need this essential digital up-skilling to survive. This award also proves that it is a quality program with real outcomes and as such it should be supported.”

Intake 6 of the Get Up To Speed is currently open. See: http://www.thetrainingcollective.com.au/guts.


To arrange interviews or photos contact Yvette Adams on 0405 022 977 or 07 545 11315 or info@thecreativecollective.com.au.




The Get Up To Speed program has gone from strength to strength since it was first offered in March 2012. Funding was originally secured via Skills Qld, in collaboration with Broadband Today (an alliance of over 175 councils and local government organisations), Montague Consulting and Australasian Leadership Academy.


The first three intakes of the program saw mainly Queenslanders participate, though word did spread to a few other states.

Once obligations to early contracts had been fulfilled, funding ceased to be available and knowing they were making a real difference in the lives of the people who participated, The Training Collective worked hard to find a way to continue to offer the program privately, whilst keeping the program at an accessible price point, which required them to completely redesign the program.

Today the program is still 12 weeks in duration and offered completely online, with many of the original components remaining including webinars, a private Facebook group and access to mentoring. Participants however now engage in the program via a LMS (learning management system) that The Training Collective have coded from open source software; reading material; downloading resources, watching videos, doing quizzes and progressing through the online learning in a structured format.

The Training Collective are able to download reports of participant progress and push those who do not start or who stall on completion and send triggered emails at key points of the learning journey to encourage them to return to the portal. Lots of motivation and key messages are included in these to keep the participants focused on completing the program.

You can read a range of testimonials at www.getuptospeed.com.au/testimonials on how the Get Up To Speed program has helped people over the 2 years it has been running.



  • 650 people have engaged in the program heralding from most states of Australia and even New Zealand
  • Many remote and rural locations participating – for Intake 6 we have a large contingent from the Wheatbelt region in WA (about 1.5 hours inland from Perth) – a predominantly agricultural region + Mt Isa.
  • Brokered strong relationships with key industry and Government organisations in multiple locations across Australia & NZ who offer support by promoting the program at the twice-annual intakes (March and August).
  • Some key organisations supporting the program by ‘sponsoring’ people from their region into the program as they realise that people with increased digital skills in their region = a more digitally enabled regional economy. Each of the people who do the program in turn help many others – their schools, committees, friends, family, colleagues etc. For instance Balonne Shire Council, RDA Wheatbelt and Arts Link Qld sponsored 10 people each by offering them a significant subsidy off the full price of the program, provided participants FINISH the program.
  • Recruited and retained many mentors, some of whom have continued offering their services to participants after the program on a paid arrangement – good for the mentor, good for the mentee who has had a chance to check them out
  • Industry leading trainers –4 separate trainers utilised for the program so participants are exposed to a wide range of experience, expertise and opinions.
  • Offering cutting edge content – content is updated EVERY intake (every 6 months) in line with our learnings with our sister business, a creative agency, The Creative Collective. We know the content is applicable in the modern workplace, and not subject to a curriculum which is out of date and irrelevant. 


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