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Are you a law firm? We can help you with your website and marketing requirements!

The Creative Collective is regularly called on by law firms and specialises in branding, web design, SEO, social media and online marketing for lawyers and law firms. We have specialist team members who understand the unique needs of the legal industry – as evidenced by our growing client list of law firms.

We have worked with law firms in several locations around Australia including the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Sydney, working with them to establish brand new legal brands, right through to doing minor brand refreshes to complete overhauls. We have worked with law firms who operate in specific aspects of law and those with a specific audience right through to legal practices which are multi-disciplinary.

Below is just a small selection of legal firm projects and lawyers we have worked with to date as well as a case study and some links to work we have completed for the legal industry.

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Our Legal Portfolio
We have been privileged to work and grow with a number of legal/law firms around Australia. 

Law Firm Case Study

Thomas Booler Lawyers is a well established law firm in Sydney which came to us with a dated brand, stale marketing and two offices with distinctly different clientele. 

The challenge of this project was to:

Carry out market research and identify the markets, their behaviour, their values and how to best market to them 
Strategise the rebrand - one single logo which could represent the business and appeal to both markets 
Launch social media and train staff on how to use it effectively 
Develop a new feature-rich website, complete with an online claim assessment tool 
Provide professional copywriting of all website pages 
Optimisation of the website using on-page and off-page techniques. 
Provide ongoing marketing support
The project was carried out over a six month period with extensive consultation with the team at Thomas Booler Lawyers over that time. Each component was executed in a phased approach, behind the scenes. The existing brand and website was maintained until such time that the business was ready to 'Launch' the new collateral. Simultaneously to the launch of the new brand, the website went LIVE and social media accounts were published. The result? Thomas Booler Lawyers hit the market strong with their new look, re-energised business. 

Launched in Dec 2014, the business is experiencing positive results and a record level of enquiry. 

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Law Firm Marketing

When it comes to marketing law firms, you've come to the right place. The legal industry has become fiercely competitive, forcing law firms to get savvy, digitise and take marketing head on in order to appeal to digital savvy consumers.

To date, law firms have very much relied on word of mouth and referrals, but the nature of the industry is changing, competition is heating up, and legal businesses have had to ramp up their marketing. 

At The Creative Collective, we understand legal businesses and the regulatory limitations of advertising them. We also understand what makes consumers tick. 

We've worked with the legal industry extensively and have the industry knowledge, experience and marketing nous to help you stand out from your legal peers. 

Significantly improve your marketing. Become a law firm your peers strive to be.
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