Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide

Your brand communicates your identity. Make sure it does it well.

Let's Start with What You Need
By working with us, you are accessing a team of experienced, forward thinking creative graphic designers who specialise in the development of brands. We handpick which designer works on your project by matching your vision for your brand with the designer who is best suited to achieve that design. Some clients get us to work on a Brand Style Guide in isolation, bringing existing design elements they may already have together and evolving it more. Others get us to create their brand from scratch, and then we develop a brand style guide to ensure future consistency. Others get us to make over their existing brand and roll out a range of marketing collateral - both printed and digital. See below for more information on typical user journeys and your options.



  • Basic brand style guide (2 pager)
  • Comprehensive brand style guide (approx 10-15 pager)


  • Business Cards & other stationery


  • Highly Competitive printing service
The Brand Style Guide Process Explained

The development of one of our comprehensive Brand Style Guide documents includes:

30-60 minute conversation to discover what brand assets you already have, your vision for the brand, the 'brand scape' in which you operate, discussion on your brand house style and more. A professional brand style guide service requires creative intelligence, and asking the right questions, to ensure we can achieve a brand style that you love (after all you have to look at it each day) but more importantly which will resonate with your target market and existing clients. We will then prepare a document with the following inclusions (see brand style guide examples below):

1. A full brand description and what it stands for.
2. A list of situations that the brand and its symbols can be used and cannot be used,
3. Tone and use of words relating to the brand
4. Specific colours, dimensions, lines, accents, inclusion of trademark, brand signature, image styles including primary use logo, mono logo variations, Font / Typeface use
CMYK, RGB and web colour breakdown
5. Reproduction guidelines (for advertising agencies and printers)

1. Description of page templates in line with latest website style
2. Recommended sizing for images
3. Recommended fonts for web use
4. Recommended H1 h2, h3, h4
5. Best practice for common areas of website - blog, events, standard page, home page

1. Description of social networks company is on and associated handles
2. Description of image sources
3. Description of recommended image creation practices to ensure consistency with font/colour etc.
4. Description of brand voice for social
5. Description of Instagram image style

The end output is a professional document for distribution through your team and to reference ongoing.

Forever after you have a clear guide on how to maintain a consistent brand style!

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Our Brand Style Guide Portfolio
We have been privileged to work and grow with a diverse range of clients. We have worked with all sorts of businesses; from small operations to national and international brands and heralding from all industries.

Digital Careers is a $6.5m federally funded project to increase the number and quality of ICT graduates in Australia while building a robust and sustainable ICT capability for the future digital economy. Operating as a collaborative initiative of industry, research, primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions (universities and TAFE), and government, Digital Careers is focused on reducing the critical shortage of Australian ICT professionals by raising awareness and interest in ICT careers; and growing and diversifying the pool of tertiary students preparing for a career in the ICT industry. As the organisation was only formed at the end of 2013, they required the development of a corporate identity, and for this to be rolled out across multiple collateral – both online and offline. The process started with a half day creative workshop with key stakeholders to discuss organisational objectives, brand values, and define target personas, as well as explore brand voice, the brand landscape, any cultural sensitivities/potential barriers to engagement etc.
Various brands were then developed exploring different organisation names, positioning statements and logos.

Once the internal stakeholders had agreed on, we were required to present the new brand to a wider group of stakeholders via a webinar on which approximately 20 people from around the country were online for, including representatives from many of the country’s top tech companies and Government bodies. The brand was then rolled out a mobile responsive website, all social media channels, signage, corporate clothing, and for 2.5 years we proactively managed the organisation’s digital marketing affairs. In 2017 we developed a visual identity guide for them to ensure future brand consistency across all channels.



Dr Jordan Nguyen is a Vietnamese-Australian biomedical engineer and inventor and founder of Psykinetic, whose achievements include creating a mind-controlled wheelchair, and whose technological innovations are targeted at improving the lives of those living with physical disabilities. He is a keynote speaker and futurist, with strong views on using technology for maximum positive global impact. His work has gained considerable media attention across Australia, featuring on ABC's Catalyst and Channel TEN's The Project.

We were pleased to work with Jordan and his team to modernise his brand to support his growing profile, and created a Visual Identity Guide so as he recruits team members, his brand continued to be utilised in a professional and consistent manner. The Visual Identity Guide included logo variations and direction on use (minimum sizes, colour breakdowns, fonts etc), an outline of the suggestion brand voice on social media, hashtags and more.

We then created a new mobile responsive website which was able to be easily updated by his team, and which would help communicate to its visitors on a more regular basis all the amazing work Jordan was doing. Finally we prepared a range of posters + pull up banners for Dr Jordy and the Psykinetic team to feature at an expo. Overall the brand is now much more professional and modern than it was prior to working with us.

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Mummy Tea
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Adam Benjamin, Drink Mate

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