The Creative Collective is hosting a screening of CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap, a film that explores the reasons behind the gender and minority gap in tech. The film highlights breakthrough efforts that are producing more diverse programmers and shows how a more inclusive environment can lead to innovation. CODE asks: what would society gain from having more women and minorities code and how do we get there?

The documentary film, directed by Robin Hauser Reynolds, will be screened on Thursday 12th May at Event Cinemas in Maroochydore and is open to the public. Tickets must be purchased in advance from Tugg, an online platform that allows individuals and organizations to choose films that crowd source screenings in local cinemas if there is enough people in the local community that want to see it.

"I saw the movie in Melbourne recently as part of the Transitions Film Festival. It's a brilliant and well put together full length movie about the future of tech jobs, why more girls and people of colour are not seeking opportunities in computer science and explores how cultural mindsets, stereotypes, educational hurdles and sexism all play roles in this,” says Yvette Adams, founder of The Creative Collective who is hoping to bring the movie to the Coast.

 Expert voices from the worlds of tech, psychology, science, and education are intercut with inspiring stories of women who are engaged in the fight to challenge complacency in the tech industry and have their voices heard. CODE aims to inspire change in mindsets, in the educational system, in startup culture and in the way women see themselves in the field of coding. Given we are an organization led by two females, we felt this was great content to get our industry and region in front of so we’re making it happen!” says Adams.

Adams says the film also delves into the history of computing, highlighting women like Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper who set the stage for today’s technology but have since been written out of this history, tracing what led a female-heavy coding industry to skew heavily male in recent decades. Tech jobs are growing three times faster than colleges in even America are producing computer science graduates and the stats in Australia are similar.

There are currently 14,915 jobs found for Information & Communication and Technology on seek.com.au, which is around 10% of all jobs available on there. This number is growing, and is not counting the many other industries which are underpinned by an increasing use of technology in everything from social media to website design. However only 28 per cent of ICT workers are women, according to figures from the Australian Computer Society and Deloitte's 2015 digital pulse report showed. 

This number compares to 43 per cent of people in other professional industries. But women have a lot to contribute to the industry. If women aren’t involved in ICT and aren’t contributing to the design and development of software, hardware and user experiences, we’re missing out on many valuable perspectives.”

Adams is hopeful of not only bringing the movie to town, but also encouraging local businesses to pay it forward and buy an extra ticket for every ticket they buy, and allow young local students the chance to watch the insightful and hopefully inspiring movie, without the $20 ticket being a barrier to them coming.

“Small gestures like this can change a person’s life. On the Coast we’ve historically relied on traditional industries like construction, real estate, tourism and so on. If we can expose young people to a career path in ICT and encourage them to develop skills in this area, they will discover many future-proof career options, and be able to be a part of the Coast’s growing digital economy,” she says.


Date: Thu 12 May

Time: 630pm

Location: Event Cinemas, Maroochydore 

Tickets to this special engagement of CODE are available online at https://tugg.com/events/96338 for $21.10 and must be reserved in advance. 

The first 90 tickets will also gain access to the exclusive after party complete with DJs. If people wish to buy a ticket for a student they should buy an extra ticket on this link also in their name, and inform the organisers.

For more information on CODE and to view the trailer, visit http://www.codedoc.co


For Further Information:

Michelle Harris, 0401 259 911, michelle@thecreativecollective.com.au


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