Web Wise Radio - Reclaim your inbox!

Your inbox could be compared to a party that gets gate crashed. What with the viagara, sex toys and enlarged penises, not to mention the prospective Nigerian friends, it can all get a bit chaotic in there. Find out some great tips on how you can ‘reclaim your inbox’ from the perils of spam, junk and day to day living.

No cost or low cost business tools to help you succeed online

If you are in business for yourself, or if you want to be, it is quite possible that you want more clients AND that if you service your existing clients better you’ll retain more of them. What a lot of small business owners out there don’t realise, are that there are some fabulous NO COST or LOW COST services out there right now which you can get using which will save you TIME and/or MONEY. Like the sound of that? Good, well then read on… Read More

Wwwhat’s up with Aussie Businesses & the web?

I am confounded as to the reason why more Australian businesses aren’t utilising the power of the web. Not only am I struck daily with businesses that do not have up-to-date information on their website, the content is not well written, nor structured and many designs leave a lot to be desired.  Read More

The reward of business awards

We think we’re still in shock but on Saturday we won another business award - Queensland Small Business Chamions Specialised Small Business! Read More

Web Wise Radio - All Hail Google

Most of us run searches on Google, but in our first radio show we explain how Google has many other practical applications available FOR FREE that you might not otherwise have been aware of. Read More

Why we love ‘blank canvasses’ when it comes to branding…

Recently an old work colleague came to me and said she was going to set up her own business. She asked me how to go about getting it set up in the fastest and most cost effective and time effective manner. Read More

Cool new technology to check out

Keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in technology is key to any businesses success. Since posting this article there have been several new technologies released or updated - check out https://blogging.im/backpack-alternatives and stay ahead of the pack! Read More

When it comes to Marketing, Follow Every Lead, Every Connection, Every Offer That Comes Your Way

Throughout my career I’ve landed myself some pretty cushy numbers. There was the free one year round-the-world trip ticket and digital camera gig I scored from a travel agency in London, all because I decided to do a pitch to them. I didn’t work for them. They didn’t know me from a bar of soap. But I gave them a pitch and they went for it!! Read More

Six computer maintenance tips that will keep that baby working

Just because I build websites, some people seem to think that I know EVERYTHING about computers. I guess in some cases I may know more than them and seeing as I always make a point of not scaring people with tech speak, I’m an easy target. I don’t mind if it’s something quick and easy I can help with. And there are a number of things that really are very quick and easy which everyone should be doing on a regular basis when it comes to general computer maintenance and best practice. Read More

The average Australian now spends $1900 per year online

The first thing I thought I’d share with you is an incredible stats I heard whilst at an internet marketing seminar last Friday. Read More

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