If you don't make your website mobile friendly NOW, Google is about to penalise you!

Because we care about how well your business performs, especially how it ranks on search engines, we wanted to reach out and let you know that if your website is not deemed to be mobile friendly by Google, from 21 April, Google will not rate your website well in their search engine results.

We've already reached out individually to many of our clients that have mobility issues, supplying them with a report from Google showing them evidence of these issues and encouraging them to do something about it.

The fact of the matter is, sites designed pre 2013 aren't mobile friendly, so if you had a website done by us or somebody else prior to this date, it is a high chance that your website is not mobile friendly!

Not sure if it is or not? Go to this helpful link to find out.

Discovered it's not mobile friendly and need to get it sorted? Contact us now.

Want a brand new mobile responsive website?

Get one in a day with our awesome Website in a Day package!

We hope to help you enter the world of mobile responsiveness really soon!

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