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We could tell you all the tech specs and boggle you with fancy words that mean nothing, but that's not our style, let us worry about the tech (for those of you that like the tech speak - let us know and we’ll get our geek on and send you that stuff) - here’s what you need to know

World Class Email - Each hosting package comes with G Suite, an industry leading business productivity suite including Email, Calendar, Document Storage and more, trusted by millions of businesses, including some well known brands like Woolworths, Ray White, Flight Center & Kogan. Moving emails to GSuite is going to ensure that you have 99.9% up time and unlimted email support in the rare event of down time.

Always Updated - In the fast paced world that we live in, technology must always be up to date to be secure, but finding time to manually update everything is a pain. Our hosting plans come with automatic updates, to ensure your website stays up to date and hacker free

Always Protected - The internet is full of nasty surprises, but we’ve got your back, each site comes with a free inbuilt Antivirus & Firewall protection, letting the good visitors through, and sending the back visitors to a dead end.

Always Fast - Our hosting comes with a free Cloudflare CDN, which means your website will always load super fast no matter where in the world your visitors are from, our CDN keeps everything close by files don’t have to travel far, and website load times are always at their best.

Always Online - Hackers love to take down websites, but we know how to stop them. We have hacker prevention and DDOS protection at multiple level, ensuring your website always stays up and running, serving your visitors and clients when they need you.

Always Backed Up - Backing up is an important part of Digital Life, but remembering to backup is something we’ve all forgotten. So we’ve got automatic backups setup for you, and we store them in a separate, secure location, so you never have to remember to backup again.

Australia First - We’re all about supporting our community, that's why we buy Australian based hosting, supporting australian jobs and giving you peace of mind

Unlimited Data - You shouldn’t be punished for being popular, all our plans offer Unlimited Data, so when lots of people want to visit your site, it won’t cost you any extra

Google Listing - Getting noticed and standing out from the crowd can be hard in today's very busy world, so with every hosting setup, we offer a free Google My Business listing to get you noticed. This includes a Google Maps Location for those with specific locations, and better rankings in Google. For those who already have a listing, provided you can give us your correct logins to your listing, we’ll update your listing and make sure it is representing your brand on Google well. If you have a listing and you don’t know your log ins and we need to trouble shoot to gain access, additional charges may apply.
In recent years the popularity of WordPress has exploded but what many people don't realise is that both the Wordpress system and all of your Wordpress plug ins are subject to hacking, and need to be monitored and kept up to date. You should also take a back up of your website on a regular basis. How regular? Well the question is rather how much are you prepared to lose?

You could just purchase a simple hosting package and hope for the best, but you'll be kicking yourself when your site goes down and need to call on fast help to get back up and running again. From our point of view, finding problems on a website once they exist can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Sometimes we have to do what is called a 'clean install' which is effectively a website rebuild, which can cost you almost the same as another website. Which you don't want. Which is where our comprehensive hosting, updates AND security service comes in. 

We’re talking about a monthly WordPress maintenance package where we take care of EVERYTHING so you don't have to, leaving you to continue on with what you do best - run your business - with a fully functional website you can rely on.  Let us give you three more REALLY good reasons why you need this service: 

1) It's not your thing: Maintaining websites is tedious and technical so let us do it for you. 

2) Secure your security: The Internet is an increasingly dangerous place, so let us protect your site from renegades and cowboys (as well as hackers). 

3) Peace of Mind: Staying on top of the latest updates and security warnings is not something you want to be thinking about while you lay in bed at night.

Sleep well and know this is a job for a professional and it is totally handled, all because you signed up for one of the packages below:
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Our Happy Hosting Clients
""Just wanted to say thanks very much for getting Peter to call me & help me with my Outlook/email account. It now seems to be working and I really appreciate you guys chasing me up and helping me out with it. Thankyou!!!" "

Nikki Brown, Grub Organics
"I had a Skype session with Peter this afternoon and he resolved the issue in about 15 minutes. So easy for a SME!

I am so impressed with the level of support I received over this technical glitch which is probably largely a reflection of my lack of technical savvy.

Many thanks to Peter, Mel and Kat for the quick and empathetic response.

Kind regards
Michelle (another raving fan of the Creative Collective team)"

Michelle Burnheim, Michelle Burnheim & Associates

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